Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak guys!!! well it's the first Eid without my grandma :( but we still must celebrate it with cheer right ahaha(?) These are a few photos of....myself and few snacks and my cute little superman:/

well, those 2 photos taken in the night before this
 big day and i had exactly no idea wht i'm doing-_-

This banana chips is really really delicious! you must try it.. and i kinda look like a toothpaste-commercial-girl

because it's in the night and sleeping hour here soo.... Happy eid mubarak and good dream yo sleepy head!! woop woop

Rocky Road trip

Decided to make a rocky road choco bars with Rere and THIS how it done :)

New Revlon's Icon :1

it's been a month im not posting here.... AAAAAAAA
this morning i just took a few photos and as always... not very good enough to be a super model-_- b.u.t you'll like this new Revlon's icon (i guess haha)


 where da hell is my hand?!!


have no idea what i was doing. I hope Revlon will see these pictures and ask me to join the family ahahaha

quite morning

this is such a boring and quite day. I dont know wht i wanna do. Tomorrow is monday and it means i have to go to school-_- oh GODDDDD i wanna buy a small book to be my life journal, watcha think? And after i wrote all my activities, i'll make a video about my life. Isn't it sound like fun? Of course it is hahaha oh boring..... Its so boring in here.... Boring boring boring

Sarinah's day

have a great year ahead and be smart, be strong, be bold and KEEP ROCKIN GIRL!


question: have you ever did a "photoshoot" like this?

up all night


question: what are you doing when you stay up all night?