"can you see me now in my glass house?"

Long time no posting GAAHHH. Just wanna say MASSIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my Lovely grandma. I love you so much, i do i do i doo-oo~ oyea i wanna say massive congrats for ma boys (again) who made new history to be #1 on Billboard 200, i just can't hold my happiness.
Today (this afternoon actually) i just took a few photos in my room (as always) WITH my lil sister. She helped me alot with these so i wanna give her a feedback with posting her in this post sooo let's heart it(?)

 i'm screwed with this one hmm
 really dont have any idea what im doin
 ma lovely boyfriends who always make me proud, DAY BY DAY
 look how cute she is ><
 sorry for the background LOL but i do i do love it(?)
 my mama's belt <3

 next top model.... aamiin

 taller than you ever think
 lovely chuck taylor shoes