Happy Being Legal Day for me *party hard*

sooooooooo as the title said... yaaass im officially legal now! WOOHOO. I thought this birthday would be different but it's actually the same *shed a tear* buuut it's still no big deal for me because i am legal! (?) Well this year i got 3 special gifts from my special friends and i lalalalallalaav it. SO legoo
 how cool is that??!!!
 OMG. just OMG! couldnt believe that Alif can really did this for me lolololol. I admit that you can be this cool man, but only this *teehee kidding~ you'r dabest! but please stop stoling my husband's last name, thank you. I just tried to melt the leftover crayons and it really-really took a long time-_- so this thing deserve billions thumbs up andd thank you once again for putting big effort for my special day :"
I LOVE CHICKEN lol. This is from Erma and it's just lovely to have a friend-mother like her because she just awesome!! I just love the collar on the chick's neck hahahah (weird-_-) thank you lil momma. i.love.you xxxx btw this chick has a name.. i call him SGC-101 i know, i'm just cool as that hehehe
 sounds like noodle commercial-_-

IM IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR u know me tooooo well sya :* Lisya just gave me the longest birthday wishes ever and it just looks like she writes a story there ihhihihi. i can only say aamiin for all the wishes :3 It is just cute the way she puts a window thingy in front of the wishes. So i'll answer some of your question (i think) from the paper.... btw i almost cried when i reach the last papeer huhuhu

L: tanggalnya keren nih, 11-12-13, dapet apa sas dari "orang spesial"? hehehe...
S: iyalah kan yang ulang tahun juga keren :3 dapet.........................kan tau dapet apa ;;)

L: ..ulang tahun terakhir lo sama gue ya? duduh tahun depan masih bisa ngerasain bareng gak ya sas?...masih saling kenal nggak? masih saling sapa nggak? masih sahabatan kayak gini gak ya?
S: semoga sih enggak terakhir... masih masih dan masiiiiihh. kudu, wajib, harus! :'

L: pas kuliah nanti gue masih nemu makhluk macem lo gak ya?
S: gabakal laaah! gue kan limited edition~ 

inti dari semuanya adalah: thank you thank you thank you very muuucchhh!! gue juga mungkin gabakal begini kalo gak kenal sama lo karena belom tentu gue bisa begini kalo sama orang lain, belom tentu juga mereka bisa nerima gue yang...begini ._. makasih juga udah mau jadi sahabat gue, diary gue juga, gue gaakan ngelupain semua kenangan kita sya:" karena udah gue taro di blog wkakakak (trus-_-). Blog gue akan menjadi prasasti cerita-cerita kita yang bisa bikin nilai sejarah kita tuntas dan lo 100 *fine

But above allll this i wish youu lovee~ (sorry Whitney me came out). I want to thank all of you for wishing me many many good things and i hope i can meet all your beautiful faces in the future when i have ofc my own restaurant and.............yeah thank you guys for being my best-(family)-friends mwah xoxo

ps: i made a Throwback Tag video but didnt edit and upload it lol i'm so smart(?)


just checking out my soundcloud stats and it blows my mind! I know it still small amount but it's just cool for someone like me. This post is dedicated for whoever that had downloaded my cover because u guys are insane! this is my massive thank you message for u guys out there. You, yeah you just making me more confidence on my singing world (even it's...blah) and i hope i can put my singing into the next level hm just wonder... i hope it'll be big number someday...soon........keep supporting me guys AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! THANK YOU SO MUCH! GRAZIE MILLE! TERIMA KASIH BANYAK!!

Treat or Treat please...


So today is halloween as you know it, and yesterday Rere and i decided to take a few photos (cause the lack of our modeling background haha). I dont having Halloween party here in Indonesia and i'm not celebrating Halloween and i just doing it for fun, and yes i'm having fun. whaa...

 creepy.... and by the way Rere did this make up :o

she used to be some puppet doll but ended up with this-_-

 black dress, braided hair, flat expression. Guess who am i.....

stop scrolling. It's a wrap!

Yes i'm dressing as Wednesday Addams and i adore her because her creepiness (weird) but she's the coolest girl i've ever known.
Today i'm asking all my friend to give me some candy but i only got 2-_- so i bought some treats by my own money, to satisfy my own self-_- and that's it my whole Halloween experience and.... yeah. Happy Creepy Day hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What will my psychologist say?

THIS WEEK MADE ME WRITE MY SUICIDE NOTE! jk. This week my psychologist asked me to give her my full-body photo. I dont wanna waste my time just to take one good shot so i asking for my mom's help and made her took billion photos hahaha sorry and thanks mom *smooch*
 what will my psychologist say about this photo? :|

 yep i changed my shirt

"byee" duh my face-_-


so guys, who have been watching city of bones??? definitely not me haha. In Indonesia the movie havent come out yet and i cant keep myself from waitiinggggg!! The soundtracks was ahmazing! and im kinda shocked in a happy way when i found out Demi, Ari and Nath sang for the soundtrack.
u must have knew that the song i covered is Ari and Nath' song because i keep playing the song for repeat!! and the lyrics has a deep meaning, damn. So maybe that's it for this post. Bubye~

photo by: Rayi

Eid Mubarak 2

i know it's late but i havent said sorry to you guys sooo yea i'm sorry if i ever did something that maybe hurt your feeling or anything..
i just wanna share photos when my mom, rere, and me went to my cousin' house and my dad sleep alone at Jakarta hahaha

Minal Aidin Guyssssssssss


Arrrgggg too much A letterrrr. Including the two guys in my life' initial is A-_-

So i'm kinda attached with two of em (sounds bitchy sas) but u know how pathetic my life since my A acts like avoiding me but he wasnt.. Yesterday i saw my chat with the other A and i sort of missing him. He told me there's something he wanted to talk about but he never tell me-_- And after i changed my Line photo with my A, this other A changed his Line photo with his girl or something. Is it just me or i felt like he being jealous hahaha papoy(?)

Well i missed him alot, i'm dying to greet him but i dont wanna act like a girl suffering for love-_- so i just ended up with this.... write my feeling in this blog..... andddd i don't know why i felt so guilty to miss him

sigh, bye..

The way i love you

my lil cousin dancing to it hahahaha kawaii
There it goes again the moment you ask me to be a singer-_- i'm not so good at singing but you give me self confidence when i don't even believe in myself. Maybe this song relate much to the way i love you xoxo

I can't find the words

another sad song i sang-_-

dont forget to check my video version of this cover hohohohoho it really took long time for uploading phew~

Even if it isn't the case

I think you just need to listen the song and you'll understand how I am since the night when he didn't reply my chat-_- it describes a lot.

I never knew just one boy can affect much. I'm so weak if it comes to him, oh God T.T
Last night i spend my night just to write a diary rrrrrrrr WHAT HAPPEN TO ME??????!! well you, yea you, the boy who made me like this, you'll be the first suspect if someday a girl found by the police, not breathing lie down on her diary-_-

p.s please just reply my chat and goes online.. please please please..


About 4 weeks ago i have no things to do so i decided to upload my singing video to youtube. I'm here just want to share it with you guys hahahahaha. Don't forget to spread it all over your country, tell ur friend, parents, teacher.. EVERYONE aaaanndddd check out+follow my soundcloud, instagram, and likes.com
grazie mille fellas :*

The Sunny-side of Me

Last week i went to Bali and Jogja with my school and it was fun and tiring trip. This is my first experience to go far away from home without my parents come along with me. It was fun haha. So we went there by bus (and ferry) and you can imagine how weary was my butt to sit and sleep in bus couch for 2 long night, sigh.
I bought so many things (not that many-_-) i'm not that smart to choose some souvenir for my family so i just bought them shirts, bags, bracelets, and pants teehee.
In Bali we stayed 1 night in Pegayaman village. The people was so nice and kind. I stayed at Mr Hadi's house and he has a daughter who lived with him, she's Nabila. Nabila is a cute teenage girl and she's very quite. In the morning her mom made us Batu Duren. It is some kind of sugar-coated bread and it was yuuummm. After having breakfast we went to observed the village then eat lunch and say goodbye to the villagers.
The next 2 night we spend at Hotel (it has yummy breakfast hahahah). At the day we went to temple and beach and i'm being such a tacky girl :$
 the view from my seat and captured by accident B-)
 tacky girl inside the ferry

chicken meatballs 

 with Nabila

 Ma'am Tiur. She can be cute sometimes haha
 pose with a cute guy in school? CHECK

 new shoes haha

 new trip campaign "Enjoy Prambanan"