The way i love you

my lil cousin dancing to it hahahaha kawaii
There it goes again the moment you ask me to be a singer-_- i'm not so good at singing but you give me self confidence when i don't even believe in myself. Maybe this song relate much to the way i love you xoxo

I can't find the words

another sad song i sang-_-

dont forget to check my video version of this cover hohohohoho it really took long time for uploading phew~

Even if it isn't the case

I think you just need to listen the song and you'll understand how I am since the night when he didn't reply my chat-_- it describes a lot.

I never knew just one boy can affect much. I'm so weak if it comes to him, oh God T.T
Last night i spend my night just to write a diary rrrrrrrr WHAT HAPPEN TO ME??????!! well you, yea you, the boy who made me like this, you'll be the first suspect if someday a girl found by the police, not breathing lie down on her diary-_-

p.s please just reply my chat and goes online.. please please please..


About 4 weeks ago i have no things to do so i decided to upload my singing video to youtube. I'm here just want to share it with you guys hahahahaha. Don't forget to spread it all over your country, tell ur friend, parents, teacher.. EVERYONE aaaanndddd check out+follow my soundcloud, instagram, and
grazie mille fellas :*

The Sunny-side of Me

Last week i went to Bali and Jogja with my school and it was fun and tiring trip. This is my first experience to go far away from home without my parents come along with me. It was fun haha. So we went there by bus (and ferry) and you can imagine how weary was my butt to sit and sleep in bus couch for 2 long night, sigh.
I bought so many things (not that many-_-) i'm not that smart to choose some souvenir for my family so i just bought them shirts, bags, bracelets, and pants teehee.
In Bali we stayed 1 night in Pegayaman village. The people was so nice and kind. I stayed at Mr Hadi's house and he has a daughter who lived with him, she's Nabila. Nabila is a cute teenage girl and she's very quite. In the morning her mom made us Batu Duren. It is some kind of sugar-coated bread and it was yuuummm. After having breakfast we went to observed the village then eat lunch and say goodbye to the villagers.
The next 2 night we spend at Hotel (it has yummy breakfast hahahah). At the day we went to temple and beach and i'm being such a tacky girl :$
 the view from my seat and captured by accident B-)
 tacky girl inside the ferry

chicken meatballs 

 with Nabila

 Ma'am Tiur. She can be cute sometimes haha
 pose with a cute guy in school? CHECK

 new shoes haha

 new trip campaign "Enjoy Prambanan"