so guys, who have been watching city of bones??? definitely not me haha. In Indonesia the movie havent come out yet and i cant keep myself from waitiinggggg!! The soundtracks was ahmazing! and im kinda shocked in a happy way when i found out Demi, Ari and Nath sang for the soundtrack.
u must have knew that the song i covered is Ari and Nath' song because i keep playing the song for repeat!! and the lyrics has a deep meaning, damn. So maybe that's it for this post. Bubye~

photo by: Rayi

Eid Mubarak 2

i know it's late but i havent said sorry to you guys sooo yea i'm sorry if i ever did something that maybe hurt your feeling or anything..
i just wanna share photos when my mom, rere, and me went to my cousin' house and my dad sleep alone at Jakarta hahaha

Minal Aidin Guyssssssssss


Arrrgggg too much A letterrrr. Including the two guys in my life' initial is A-_-

So i'm kinda attached with two of em (sounds bitchy sas) but u know how pathetic my life since my A acts like avoiding me but he wasnt.. Yesterday i saw my chat with the other A and i sort of missing him. He told me there's something he wanted to talk about but he never tell me-_- And after i changed my Line photo with my A, this other A changed his Line photo with his girl or something. Is it just me or i felt like he being jealous hahaha papoy(?)

Well i missed him alot, i'm dying to greet him but i dont wanna act like a girl suffering for love-_- so i just ended up with this.... write my feeling in this blog..... andddd i don't know why i felt so guilty to miss him

sigh, bye..